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Mission: dedicated, professional, expert, to create a global model of reflective material products.
The company focused on the reflective material industry,Persistent firm and distractions; in the spirit of professional, excellence technical to create a model of industry responsibility.
Vision: To become the leader of global reflective material and leader supplier.
the company always in the forefront of the global reflective material industry to provide best products and services to make the world more beautiful and safe.
Core values: respect for science , technology and contracts, the pursuit of perfection and harmony.
Respect for science and technology- YSL building on science and technology, relying on scientific and technological development and growth. YSL always be a enterprise which is in the spirit scientific thinking and focus on product quality, advanced technology and exquisite craft.
Respect for the contract- the contract is the nature of the market economy requirements, basic norms of economic behavior. Commitment is gold. We do not promise, commitment and agreed anything we can do. If we promise or commitment, we will be firmly on its to fulfill a contractual. This is a YSL Company‘ s requirement for all employees, and depending on the sublimation of our personality.
The pursuit of perfection- There are no perfect, only infinitely close to perfect. YSL always exploring new features and improvements. Company is continually seeking forward the perfect, enjoying in the perfect target process.
The pursuit of harmony- harmony is a major principle.
All the biological of the world, not achieve or exceed, both are not the condition of long term survive. Only coordination, balance, harmony and take care any other extremely slight ways.‘ experience has taught ,harmony is the best option .
The pursuit of YSL company is harmonious with customers, employees, society and environment. We implement the resource-saving, environment-friendly and seek sustainable development in a harmonious atmosphere.
Purpose: survival, development, innovation, and dedication.
- Survive in order to development, development is a better chance of survival. A enterprise in society, to be successful and contribution. The prerequisite and basis are survival condition of herself. Market fluctuations, the situation as a coin have two side,  enterprise development can not be plain sailing. But no matter how, the enterprise should face to solve the trial.
- YSL would survive in a bad situation and accelerate the development in a good situation.
- Innovation will promote social progress and the human history as a innovation history . Innovation is the law of competition, it as sailing against the current; either you keep forging ahead or you keep falling behind. No innovation will no development.
Innovation is the development, creation, invention, progress, not stick, dogma, rigid, bold breakthrough, and moves forward. Innovation is not reckless, requires the close integration of theory and practice, ideas on a bold vision, groping carefully verify the bold action in practice. Mechanism innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, cultural innovation, all  of these are our forward momentum and the invincible magic weapons. We want to be pioneers, to enhance the quality of science and technology as the primary productive force, the personnel as the primary resource, the brand as the first image to enhance the capability of independent innovation as the first pursuit.
- Dedication is the fundamental way to realize their own values. Whether individuals or organizations, firstly,  dedication, in order to get public recognition and reflect their own values. The employees should realize that personal purpose and enterprise development should be Fused together. Enterprise is the platform of employees’value, Staff's hard work is the important reason for the enterprise’ success.
- Dedication should be the social responsibility of enterprise.
The enterprise as a economic organization form in society, the mail purpose is contribute to society of it establishment. Create quality products, providing quality services ,solve the employment , pay taxes are duty of the enterprise. The power comes from the people, wealth from the society, enterprises can not develop without the support of the state and society.
company development must fused together with State’s stronger.
YSL Would thanksgiving the society, and follow the step country’s development.
Spirit: honest, hard work, team work cooperation, and focused on achieving performance. Think about your life and you working. Life and work complementary to each other, the dialectical unity.
Honesty is the base of your life. How a man gain a foothold without  honesty and credibility in the communication. no deceive to customers and colleagues is a heritage of YSL . Dishonesty is YSL unacceptable.  When you successful or difficult period , inside and outside the industry, treat others or yourselves, whatever conditions ,YSL requires you are honesty, candor, mutual trust,and care about your words and deeds,  especially of your credibility.
Dependable-Sincere to people, hard work, dedication,  work hard and heart is not tired ,labor but the spirit is relax . work and life happily.
Use your heart- firstly, responsibility. Responsibility for creating the character. , the staffs have their responsibility carry forward working ,and to take seriously everything,Loyalty to enterprise. This is the basic requirements of YSL ‘s basic requirements for personnel personality .
Use your heart-secondly, must be serious, meticulous, practical .
Always the problem-solving skills as a core competency, attention to the details of everyday behavior, denial of hypocrisy, impetuous, casual and not miss any details of the flaw, pursuit of perfection bit by bit and strive to be better. This is the YSL basic requirements of the work style.
Use your heart- thirdly, - use your brain. Consultation rather than wondering, not blind obedience, according to books, dare to innovate and explore, allowing failure; not only independent thinking, but also ideas.
Team benefit as the most important. Teamwork, cooperate ability is an essential basic qualities of the modern professional.  Both duties and concentrate on doing their own work, and sincere cooperation, mutual cooperation and assistance.
- Has always been concerned about the efficiency, effectiveness, and effect.  Results show that value. Realistic and efficient, not flashy; process-oriented, more emphasis on the results. we do not see the words to see the action.
Quality policy:creating value for customers wholeheartedly.
The customer is the source of wealth. Customers developed move our development. Only grow with the customer, in order to win-win benefit, develop forward together. We creating value for customers dedicated same for our own. We are adhering to this concept, therefore, we have a consistent action.

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