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High performance reverse reflective material is set high polymer chemistry, optical, mechanical equipment, and other multi-disciplinary in one of the high-tech products. It is an industry which supported by government of 7 emerging strategic. It has been widely used in transportation, advertising, mountain climbing, navigation, exploration, life security and military technology , et...c at present .
The history of high performance reverse reflective material product is not long, it since the 1950 s by the United States, few European countries and Japan to join the reflective material production line in 1970 s, there is only for more than half a century. China's reflective material industry still be blank until 1990 s. Even in the 21st century today, it is still only the United States, Italy, Japan, China, a few countries can produce in the world .
YSL company since its inception, and alway cultivate scientific research innovation and product quality as the core competitiveness ,we base on our own personnel expertise and actively seek the Chinese academy of sciences, Zhejiang university, Shanghai light industry institute, and Nanjing chemical industry research institute and other numbers of  research institutions’ help.finally, during a great concentration research and development, YSL breach the technical bottleneck in 1996 and through the national identification in 1997, take the lead in fills the domestic gap and formed a batch production, to break the conditions of USA monopoly products in China.


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