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reflective fabric common problem description
Yeshili Reflective Material Co Ltd.  Time:2012-11-27 16:58:10

1. Storage
Please put the reflective fabric in a dry and ventilated room , avoid extrusion, high temperature and chemical corrosion and other destructive influences. Storage period should not be more than a year.

2. Application
Our products can be applied to the T-shirt, sports wear, lace, vest, jacket, fashion, armbands, marks, tape, safety vest, cap badge, backpacks, raincoat, belts, gloves, shear character, sports shoes, shoulder strap, etc.

3. Cutting and sewing
3.1 cutting
Recommend using model cutting, trimming should be uniform, as far as possible to reduce the trimmings.
3.2 sewing
sewing, every inch (2.54 cm) should less than 12 joint pinhole, and suture needle place away from the reflective fabric edge no more than 2 mm, recommend using 100% polyester fiber suture.

4. Washing
4.1 washing should according to ISO6330 standard method 2
4.2 dry cleaning must follow the products’ use instructions

5. Maintenance
5.1 to avoid high temperature, abrasive, excessive scrub and chemical corrosion and other destructive factors.
5.2 keep its surface clean.


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