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the common problem description of reflective film:
Yeshili Reflective Material Co Ltd.  Time:2012-11-27 16:54:26

1. Product scope
YSL series reflective film is mainly used for road traffic signs, safety sign, construction mark, advertising signs and other marks, signs, etc.

2. Storage attention
YSL reflective film should be stored in a interior which is ventilated, dry, temperature in 18-24 ?, relative humidity in the 30-50% . Packing container should flat on pallet or plate, they are can not directly landing and no more than 5 layer. Reflective film request use in one year after purchase.

3. Cutting  Attention
3.1 uncoiling or cutting work environment: reflective film should be put in an environment of  temperature 25 ± 3 ?, relative humidity in the 30-50% more than 24 hours, then can be used. To ensure operation sites and operation tools clean.
3.2 we suggest that operating person should wear silk or cotton gloves during theycutting reflective film, in order to avoid damage or contamination reflective membrane surface.
3.3  please put the film on a flat , smooth platform area after cutting the reflective film,  If the reflective film is not used immediately please put in a plastic bags, prevent moisture absorption. Depend on films’ shape or size stacked neatly,  the height of pile up no more than 3 cm, no pressure any weight things.
3.4  The length of 3 meters,  large reflective film should be roll closely to the paper tube (the diameter of paper tube no more less than 100 mm), Use the tape fixed three place vertical placed on plastic bracket, Try to avoid "tunnel" phenomenon. Please used as soon as possible from you use a new reflective film roll. The left reflective film should b roll to the original paper tube tension , and tape fixed three place above and put plastic bag on . Then  put back to the original cartons. Also you can pass an iron through the reflective film paper tube and placed in a horizontal position in special shelves or plastic shelves .Do not thrown the left reflective film on the ground or wall angel directly .

4. Paste and Conserve attention
4.1 base material: We recommend reflective film Pasted on clean and flat aluminum or stainless steel plate. Do not stick in plastic, rubber, wood and other base material surface directly . Users , please confirmed  the reflective film application adaptability before stick on the aluminum plate , stainless steel board or other base material.
4.2 processing:  new aluminum plate and stainless steel plates’ surface are very smooth, not well for paste. please use 400-500 sand paper burnish with arc shape directions.  It must use degreasing solvent for scrubbing, washing and drying  before Paste.
4.3  Paste
4.3.1 paste environment : reflective film should be paste under temperature 25 ± 3 ?, relative humidity in the 30-50% .
4.3.2 different batches of the reflective film will have little chromatic aberration, in principle is not recommended that users use different batch reflective film in the same block mark. If have some special situation , please compare the color first .
4.3.3 after paster, signs should be erected in temperature 25 ± 3 ?, relative humidity in the 30-50% , do not stack with each other, avoid placed extrusible . Please carry on outdoor construction afte 36 hours. Transportation would be according to the business general standard package, avoid reflective film loosely and frictionally.
4.3.4 during the construction, it will make the surface become dirty , please use alcohol solvent, sponge or clean cloth scrub, Do not use ketones , esters and ant other strong corrosive solvent to clean, and avoid sign damage caused by overexertion .

5. Attention for screen print and ink-jet printing
5.1 screen printing:  we suggest to our customer , please use the ink of our company or our company recommended .
5.2   ink-jet printing :  Use solvent ink and evaluate before you use.

6. Other instructions
6.1all the technical conditions and the relevant recommendations are based on our company experiment and experiences.
Our company can't promise the accuracy of the above content or integrity.
6.2  If you find some problem you can not solve , please contact your local agency


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