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Core concept
Resources firstly , conducts firstly , performance firstly , team work firstly
Resources firstly, Talent as the first resource , staff as the most valuable asset with quality resources.and supply stage to the talent to display their ability, help talent achievements of the value of life.
Conducts firstly, ability and good character are firstly important of our staff, according to conduct higher than capacity, stressing to do anything responsible, a staff need basically moral bottom line. No virtue not be accept to be YSL person .
Performance firstly, we were paid attention on practice and performance. Force on ability not academic , working level not diplomas. The staffs who have the ability and well down the works will have  the opportunity to win the stage, status, and good treatment.
Team work firstly, we emphasize the team work spirit, such as a drop of water is small, merged into the sea will be magnificent; a soil is slight, clustered into the alpine being spectacular; personal strength is weak, but interdependent a good team will be able to grow and success.

Selection concept

No mater what ‘s your background, YSL believed selection by post, everyone would be a talent basic on their own expertise. We respect and attention to our personnel, Staffs play their strengths , and We inclusive their some shortcomings.
Employing concept
Personnel selection,positions match, due diligence, teamwork.
Personnel who play their intellect in the right positions to make a performance would be a genius. Everyone is a genius, when the right people in the right positions .
character casting basic industry, ability achieve success.
Respect for personnel ability differences, strengths to maximize employees strength on their positions.
Respect for human capacity difference to determine positions, contribution decide the value. responsibilities, rights and benefit of symmetry.
Integrity of life, work conscientiously, dutifully, embodies professionalism.
Emphasis on performance, promote competition, against the mediocre, promote the competition culture .
Stressed the fact, that fairness, building a harmonious ,advocate just culture.
Highlight the ability, display yourselves,  reflect the value,  seeking value culture.Respect to labor, encourage professionalism, pay for the return, advocating dedicated culture.

Educating idea
learning and innovation , job training, grow together
Knowledge is infinite, no one successful when he was born, continuous learning, continuous improvement, to a successful career.  As long as willing to delve into a skill, no matter what kind of it  you will  become an expert.
Practice is the best teacher. You will grow by you responsible, thinking, brave testing, ask and summing up,
Please focus on the accumulation of knowledge, ability, experience you will  success.
 How can you enjoy success without your hardly work? How to get the results  without your serious study.
Join  YSL,  to create job performance and  growth with enterprise, harvest success
in your future life.

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