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Full of enthusiasm and full fire

Release time : 2020/2/13 15:51:05

Night vision mode on!

The whole company is busy.

Full of drive, full of fire.

On February 13, the production resumed and 8 days later, the production capacity returned to 100%.

Early spring brings many people

After the company returned to work, every morning, the employees came out of their homes early to rush to the company. With the help of the comprehensive office staff, the security personnel made preparations for the staff to enter the factory for investigation, temperature measurement and other epidemic prevention, and welcomed the employees who came to the factory one after another.


be in full swing

According to the requirements of product delivery time, the company arranges the production tasks as a whole.


On the day of returning to work, the rate of returning to work was 60%. Management personnel at all levels take the lead to stick to the front-line posts, operation, packaging, packaging... With the gradual arrival of personnel, the return to work rate reaches 90%, and the production capacity reaches 100%. A steady stream of products from night vision set out here, sent to all over the country, to the hands of customers.


In the face of crisis, confidence is more important than gold. Both the company leaders and grass-roots employees stick to their posts, obey the command, do a good job in protection, and everyone contributes to the epidemic prevention and control.
The people's mind is stable, the production is stable and orderly, the difficulties are overcome, and all the way forward.

While doing our best to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, we should do a good job in all aspects of production and operation, and resolutely win the "two major battles" of epidemic prevention and control and production and operation defense.

It's the best time to set sail and forge ahead.