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Yeshili¨s own intellectual property:

In 1995, Composite polymer reflective material, CN1108179

In 1997, Analysis of current situation of retro-reflective materials; New chemical materials; 1997(3)29-31

In 1999, Different size of microbead inlaided with the reflective film, CN1284429

In 2004, Flame retardant reflective cloth, CN2730914

In 2005, high intensity grade reflective film, CN3574331

In 2007, high refractive index glass beads, CN201132816

In 2009, A manufacturing method of reverse reflective material, CN101533114

In 2009, Spherical uniform light film, 200920319175.3

In 2009, Double color flame retardant warning belt, 200920319059.1


Notes and problem description

Descriptions of common problems of reflective film

Answer:1. The scope of products

YSL series reflective film is mainly used in traffic sign, safety sign, construction Sign, ad banner and other sign and labels.

Notes of heating devices

Answer:1.Multilevel, smooth and soft cushion coat as well as substrate, hot melt film and the ironing equipment of controlled temperature should be prepared.

2.The substrate should be placed smoothly on the cushion coat and try to keep as little tension as possible.

Descriptions of common problems of reflective cloth

Answer:1. Storage

The products should be kept in dry and ventilated room temperature condition, avoiding the effects of high temperature and other destructive factors such as chemical corrosion. The storage period should not exceed one year.

Important notice

Answer:Recently we have found that there are a large number of fake YSL car body reflective labeling products in the market, which have low quality and are sold with low price. The company shall reserve the right of prosecution for any infringement of the products.


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The second half of high refractive glass beads was aluminized on the surface as retrodirection reflector, which has extremely strong reverse regression reflex performance and can reflect most of the light directly back into the light source, causing reflective brightness.


High performance reverse reflective material is a high-tech product that integrates high polymer chemical, optics and mechanized equipment, which is one of the seven emerging strategic industries supported by the state.