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Study in work, grow in study

Release time : 2020/6/16 17:00:24

Sharp tools make good work. In order to improve the staff's professional skills and enrich their theoretical knowledge of production, night vision organized a series of special training for employees to help them learn and grow together.

Topic 1  Safe production

1、 Fire safety


The fire safety training brought by safety officer Zhou Jianzhong opened the prelude of this series of special training. June this year is the 19th "safety production month" in China, with the theme of "eliminating potential accidents and building a strong safety defense line". Zhou Jianzhong carried out propaganda and implementation around the theme combined with the company's safety management system, and on the basis of explaining fire safety knowledge, carried out fire equipment use drills and fire escape drills.


2、 Equipment safety


Equipment safety training is divided into fire safety, electricity safety and equipment operation safety. Mr. Zhu from the equipment department analyzed the actual cases one by one. The shocking scene made the trainees exclaim and more aware of the importance of safety production.

Part of the provisions of the production safety law of the people's Republic of China in 2020 has been revised, and the training has also been timely interpreted to clearly adhere to the policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management".

3、 Chemical safety


Chemical safety is an important part of safety production. This training was conducted by Mr. Luo of R & D center, mainly explaining the safe use and operation of polyurethane glue.

Topic 2  Risk management

There is a paragraph in "Shen Jian , zayan": "there are three techniques for entering loyalty: one is to prevent; the other is to save; the third is to abstain. The first is the prevention, the second is the salvation, and the second is the precept. Prevention is the first, salvation is the second, and caution is the next. " It means that taking precautions before things happen is prevention, taking measures to stop the situation as soon as it appears, preventing the situation from expanding is remedy, and punishing education after the occurrence is punishment, prevention is the best policy, remedy is the middle policy, and punishment is the worst policy. For the enterprise management work, can be regarded as a warning Maxim.

1、 Brainstorming


The workshop on process risk carding in textile workshop came into being. Using the method of 5M1E dimension analysis, this paper combs the process risk points of fabric workshop, and formulates corresponding plans and implementation measures. In the whole communication link, the enthusiasm of the participants was high, the communication was opened, the direction was clear, and the ability of the staff was improved.

2、 Problem diagnosis

Quality is to the enterprise what health is to human life. If there is a problem with people's health, we should seek medical advice, and the quality of products is the same.

Director Tao Yi of the cutting workshop and Li Yuanbin, deputy director of the R & D center, are two experts in diagnosis and treatment. They diagnose the causes and provide solutions for the quality problems in the product slitting process and customer feedback. On site workshop production personnel carefully auscultation, modestly seek advice. It is believed that through this training, the self inspection ability and quality awareness of the workshop staff will be improved.

Topic 3   6S management



In order to further consolidate the normal management of 6S, ensure an efficient and orderly working environment and improve work efficiency. This training specially invited Mr. Wang pan of crystal optoelectronic supply chain support center to carry out 6S management training.

During the training, the trainer analyzed the specific contents, working methods, working skills, common tools and excellent enterprise cases of 6S management in simple and simple terms. Through the explanation with illustrations and interactive discussion on practical problems, the workshop staff understood 6S Management is an effective field management mode and method for modern production enterprises. Its function is to improve efficiency, reduce cost, ensure quality and safety, make working environment clean and orderly, form excellent enterprise culture, and accelerate the success of enterprises.

Through this special training, new and old employees can further understand the company's development and corporate culture, and play a positive and long-term impact on the future better performance of their duties and good work.