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Honest education everyone self-discipline

Release time : 2019/11/9 14:01:26

At 16:30 p.m. on November 7, 2019, the night vision company held the theme training of "integrity education, everyone's self-discipline, and the alarm bell rings forever". All staff of the functional line attended the training on time. Xianju night vision participated in the study through video connection.


Theme training creates new trends

Yu Yuyan, legal manager of the group, was specially invited to carry out the theme training of integrity and self-discipline. Mr. Yu opened with "Ten Rules of self-discipline" and explained them one by one to clarify the professional ethics in work. It also analyzes the importance of honesty and self-discipline from the level of laws and regulations, the definition and legal requirements of the three charges of duty occupation crime, misappropriation of funds crime and bribery crime of non-state staff, and cites the warning education of actual cases, which is profound and thought-provoking.


Leaders share the right spirit

After the theme training, Zheng Bifu, the general manager, shared his experience in the implementation of the work style of honesty and self-discipline since he took part in the work. He insisted on "strict adherence to the bottom line" of "high line", and made integrity and self-discipline a habit. He hoped that night vision beauties could keep the bottom line of value and keep the alarm bell ringing.


Honesty guarantee shows determination

"If one thought is restrained, all good things will come together; if one thought indulges, all evils will take advantage of challenges.". At the end of the training, all participants solemnly sign their names on the integrity guarantee, which is a commitment to the company, but also to themselves and their families.