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Information publicity project environmental impact assessment of Zhejiang 6 million square meters of

Release time : 2018/4/2 15:48:50

One、Basic situation of construction projects

Zhejiang night sight Li reflective material Co., Ltd. is located in the No. 2198 road development avenue in San Jia street, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou. It leased part of the factory building of Zhejiang crystal optoelectronic Polytron Technologies Inc, purchased the domestic equipment of coating machine, printing machine, vacuum aluminizing machine and so on. It uses advanced coating and light curing technology to form the production capacity of 6 million square meters of reflective materials.

Two、The distribution of main environmental sensitive targets within the scope of environmental impact assessment.

The main environmental sensitive targets in the environmental impact assessment range are the construction village on the northwest side of the project (0.48km), the village of Tao Jia Li (2.3km), the West Guo Jia Li (1.9km), the Southwest Guangxi Village (1.6km), the village (1.7km), the village (2.3km), the village of the Donghai (2.1km), the southern Jiaojiang farm (0.7km) and the farm district (2.3km).

Three、Prediction of major environmental impacts

The effects of this project on the environment include waste water, waste gas, solid waste and noise, among which waste water is mainly sewage, waste gas is mainly coated waste gas, glue waste gas, drying cured waste gas, aluminum plating waste gas, plant dust, heat compound waste gas, etc. the solid waste is mainly waste carrier film, waste corner material and domestic waste, and the noise is mainly mechanical equipment noise. Taking reasonable measures to prevent pollutants from reaching the standard, the project has little impact on the surrounding environment.

Four、The main environmental protection measures, environmental risk precautions and expected effects are to be taken.

The wastewater treatment facilities are established in this project. The wastewater is included in the municipal sewage pipe network after the pretreatment of the Dana pipe standard. It enters the Taizhou water treatment development Co., Ltd. to deal with the discharge after reaching the standard; the waste gas, the waste gas, the drying waste gas, the aluminum plating waste gas, the dust of the plant, the heat compound waste gas and so on are collected and treated at the high altitude after the corresponding waste gas treatment equipment. Construction of standard solid waste yard, domestic waste by the sanitation department unified clearance transportation treatment, the solid waste produced by the classification collection, comprehensive utilization, can be properly disposed of, the selection of low noise equipment, through the optimization of the layout, sound insulation, greening and other measures to make the factory noise standard, the environmental risk prevention and emergency measures to prevent the occurrence of all kinds of emergency environmental pollution events And mitigate the impact of the event on the environment.

Five、Preliminary conclusions on environmental impact assessment

The pollutants produced by the project are affected by the corresponding measures, and the impact on the surrounding environment is within the limits. The construction of this project basically conforms to the principle of environmental approvals.

Six、Content of advice

The object, scope and main items of the consultation:The relevant groups and individuals within the scope of the environmental impact assessment of the project may give opinions and suggestions on the environmental protection countermeasures of the project or other issues related to the environmental impact of the construction projects, and explain the reasons. If we need further information about the project, we can access relevant EIA documents to Zhejiang Tacheng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. within the time limit for this announcement.

Feedback from public opinion:The public can make valuable suggestions and suggestions to Zhejiang Tai Cheng environmental science and Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang night sight Li reflective material Co., Ltd. or environmental administration department in the way of letter, telephone, fax, e-mail and so on. For better feedback, please leave your specific contact.

The construction units and contact methods of the project:

Construction unit: Zhejiang yeshili reflective material Co., Ltd.   Contact: Mr. Chi   Telephone: 88201076

Address: Taizhou city Jiaojiang District three streets Development Road No. 2198 Zhejiang yeshili reflective material Co., Ltd.   Zip code: 318000

The name and contact way of the environmental impact assessment institution:

Environmental impact assessment unit: Zhejiang Tacheng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.   Contact address: Taizhou Economic Development Zone, 23 of the 4 office building.   Contacts: how to work   Contact number0576-89811060   Fax89811031   Zip code:318000

Examine and approve the contact ways of the environmental protection department:

EIA approval department: Taizhou Environmental Protection Bureau Jiaojiang branch (administrative examination and approval Section).   Contact phone: 0576-88836730

Address: No. 7, Jianshe Road, Jiaojiang, Taizhou   Zip code: 318000

The beginning of the public opinion:From April 2, 2018 to April 17, 2018, the letter is postmarked.

Announcement: Zhejiang yeshili reflective material Co., Ltd.

Announcement time: March 30, 2018