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Safety production month, night vision in action

Release time : 2019/6/10 11:55:37

    June this year is the 18th National "safety production month" with the theme of "risk prevention, hidden danger elimination and accident prevention". At 8:00 a.m. on June 10, night vision company fully launched a series of theme activities of "safety production month" in 2019.


    Zheng Bifu, the general manager of the company, stressed that to further improve the operation procedures of each post and firmly establish the concept of safe production, employees must enhance their self safety awareness and literacy, enhance the ability to contain accidents, and ensure the continuous and stable production safety.


    (sign, promise, act, speak)

    Sign, promise, act, speak. All the staff signed on the theme propaganda wall of "safety production month" and solemnly promised to "prevent risks, eliminate hidden dangers and prevent accidents".

    Fire training, drill and drill are not lax


    (safety officers Zhou Jianzhong and Ying Geng train, explain and demonstrate the use of fire extinguisher)


    (fire extinguisher use drill, evacuation drill)

    At the end of the activity, Wang Aimin, deputy general manager of production, specially pointed out the importance of chemical safety weekly knowledge card in the batching room. Before operation, the post staff must be familiar with the safety knowledge of relevant chemicals, so as not to hurt themselves, others, or be hurt by others, and help others not to be hurt.